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Lomi Noho (Seated Lomilomi) Booth

At おいもさんフェア "Sweet Potato Festival"


October 22 Sunday (About 10am to 3pm)

Place: 目黒不動尊 "Meguro Fudoson" (in Meguro)



10min 500 yen~


Enjoy Japanese festival with shops, food and massage in & around a Buddhist temple!




Lomilomi / Reflexology menu starts from October at Kugahara salon (久が原, Kugahara, Ota-ku Tokyo)



90 minutes - 9,000 yen (8,000 October)

60 minutes - 6,000 yen



60 minutes - 4,500 yen


October Schedule (10am - 22pm)


23rd (Mon), 24th (Tue), 28th afternoon (Sat), 31st (Tue)

Please feel free to contact in English.

Paso a Passo is an outcall reflexologist, lomilomi therapist for ladies and instructor of self-care reflexology.


Paso a Passo provides:


Reflexology & Self-care Reflexology lesson (Rwo Shur Health Method)

Lomilomi  (LŌKAHI LOMILOMI / Long Life Lomilomi)


At your house, your friend's house, etc. or

Rental salons in Tokyo or Kawasaki:

Nogizaka (乃木坂), Hakusan (白山), Minatomachi (港町), Kugahara (久が原)

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